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Magic Mouthfuls Catering and Events Terms and Conditions



Following discussions of the Clients forthcoming Booking with Magic Mouthfuls, the Client will receive a quote via email, which will remain valid for 30 days from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated. If the event is altered in any way, it may be necessary to change the original quote dependent on the changes made. 


  1. Prices are subject to change without any notice based on the increases in cost prices from suppliers, fuel, and changes to government legislation regarding taxation and charges to business, etc 

  2. All quoted prices are Gst exclusive. 

Payment methods: 

  1. Magic Mouthfuls accepts the following forms of payment. - Direct Deposit to our nominated account - 2.3 % Surcharge on: Visa | MasterCard | American Express - Cash at the discretion of Magic Mouthfuls. Cash payment made prior to Clients Booking 

  2. Cheques are not accepted 

Payment terms: 

  1. A booking fee is payable upon booking confirmation. 

  2. Balance payable – 7 days before Clients Booking date for private dinners, 1 month in advance for weddings. 

  3. Any additional and/or last-minute items from Clients Booking will need to be paid in full 7 days after. Alternatively, the Clients Credit Card on file will be charged after the 7 days with no communication from Client. 

Deposits and booking: 

  1. A booking fee is payable at the time of the Booking 

  2. A Booking will not be considered ‘Confirmed’ until a deposit or payment has been received, and subsequently may be subject to cancellation. 

  3. Changes to Clients Booking can be made at any stage up to 10 days prior to the Booking date. i.

Change in date and time ii. Change to menu/beverage selection/location/hire equipment 

  1. Final numbers will need to be provided to Magic Mouthfuls 10 days prior to the Booking date. 


Cancellation Policy: 

  1. The booking fee is non refundable and will be forfeited for all cancellations. 

  2. No refund will be given for any events cancelled within 10 days of event date; unless approval given, in which case an Administration fee applies. 

Clients Responsibilities: 

It is the responsibility of the Client to confirm and provide the correct information to Magic Mouthfuls about Booking details. Responsibilities include and not limited to the following:  a. Correct date & times 

  1. Correct address and contact details 

  2. Correct information of external suppliers (name/ phone number/ delivery details) 

  3. Payment is received on time 

  4. Provide valid Credit Card 

  5. Return or acknowledgement of the run sheet 

  6. Providing all known dietaries h. Client provide parking 

Dietary Requirements: 

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that Magic Mouthfuls has details of any special dietary requirements or allergies that guests may have. The Client must either introduce such guests to the Function Staff to ensure Magic Mouthfuls are aware of the identity of the individual, and if a seated event, supply full name and table allocation for each such guest. Whilst Magic Mouthfuls will accommodate dietary requirements where possible, no responsibility can be taken for guests with allergies that may result in serious or fatal consequences. The Client and the Card Holder indemnify Magic Mouthfuls and its agents against any claim relating to any such person or anything relating to them, in addition to any other indemnity. 

Rubbish Removal: 

Magic Mouthfuls will supply the rubbish removal service when Client has pre-organised this. Rubbish removal will be removed at the end of the function. Due to any reason, there is an excess amount of rubbish, Magic Mouthfuls will communicate this with the Client about the action plan. If Client has not organised rubbish removal, Magic Mouthfuls will endeavour to accommodate the Client’s request. Magic Mouthfuls reserves the rights to charge an additional surcharge accordingly. 

 Miscellaneous : Magic Mouthfuls reserves the right to charge any additional costs incurred including but not limited to, damage to party equipment by event guests, items requested by the


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