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Catering For Weddings



Wedding Catering: Tailored for your special day

North Queensland is known and admired for its beauty in paradise. What better place to have your wedding.

We are a boutique catering business that specialises in innovative and exceptional food. Our process starts by ensuring we are on the same page to make your vision come to life. We have a range of gourmet menus for you to choose from. This is inspired by the freshest produce and ingredients prepared using traditional French methods and infusing with an Asian twist. We offer tailored menus to allow full transparency to meet any specific requirements you have.


Let us help to make your special day Magic.

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Want To Try Before The Big Event?

Magic Mouthfuls offer a menu tasting for wedding couples to decide menu and beverage items. If you decide to book Magic Mouthfuls for your event we will refund you the cost of the tasting and also deliver a beautiful food hamper on your special day for you to enjoy.



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