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                                                                             Banquet Menu 






Main Dishes 

Garlic studded lamb leg, espresso mustard, cabernet jus  

Szechuan beef, tomato and olive jus  

Coq au vin, free range chicken, button mushrooms, smoked tomato

Roasted Barramundi, fennel remoulade, citrus soy    

Roulade of truffled chicken, parmesan, grain mustard, sour cream

Baked reef fish, lemon, chilli, roma tomato, dill

Black angus beef, forest mushrooms, wasabi jus  

Shellfish bouillabaisse, mussels, cockles, reef fish, squid, black bean, tomato, lotus root, chilli

Red miso pork belly, pickled wombok, apple marmalade 

Salad and Vegetables

Cucumber yellow curry, coconut, water melon, coriander

Coleslaw- wombok, carrot, shallots, caper, miso, smoked paprika, yoghurt

Wok fried Ice burg, capers, tomato, basil  

Burnt cauliflower, lotus root, shallots, basil, capsicum  

Heirloom tomato, cucumber, feta, rocket, lemongrass balsamic  

Roasted root vegetables, artichokes, thyme, ginger, aged balsamic 


Petite slices of, coconut ice, gooey chocolate fudge, citrus tart  

Wild berry, caramelised peanut, toasted puff pastry, popcorn Chantilly  

Tropical fruit skewers mint, Sichuan pepper lime glaze

 Apple Tarte Tatin, salted caramel, burnt marshmallow 

Daintree vanilla  Malt biscuits, gorgonzola mousse, dried apricot  

Milk chocolate, white cacao, coffee cream, cinnamon crumble  

Pricing starts from $109 per person. 

Your choice of three main, three sides and a dessert.

(minimum 10 guests, prices vary accordingly)

GST not included



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